AL•CY•PAA (Owl•Kəy•Paw) (n)

ALCYPAA is a service committee of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our goal is to carry the message of AA through speaker meetings, workshops, and fellowship events. Creation of committee and chair positions provide a way for alcoholics to get involved in AA and explore the practice of service through the twelve traditions and twelve concepts.

ALCYPAA is not limited by age

Anyone is welcome, and encouraged to attend

Including the young, young at heart, and anyone with something left to be learned

What's up?  

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Huntsville ALCYPAA meets every Sunday at 8:00(ish) at the Downtown Group (that 's pm not am). This is where we plan our upcoming events as well as discuss any improvements that could be made to our past events. This is not a regular discussion meeting. It's more like a business meeting... only we have fun. Depending on what's going on, the meetings usually last about an hour, and most of us usually hang out for a while afterward. If you'd like to get involved or are just curious come check us out. We've got a lot going on, and could definitely use the help. Sometimes there's cookies.

There's a quick list of upcoming events to the left. Check out our events page for details. For directions to Downtown group, click here.

If you are interested in what we've been doing click here for our meeting minutes.